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 Rayner, Kyle
Kyle Rayner
 Posted: Apr 29 2013, 01:38 AM
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Playby: Tom Riley
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OCTOBER 25, 2012
(6:03pm) Fox in the Night*
Busy on another work piece, Kyle becomes distracted by the buildings buzzer with someone wanting in, and finally a knock at his door. Cassandra Ricci, a woman who showed up to pose for a painting by him last week, came by for her payment, and to see the completed piece. After smiling over her favorable reaction and commenting on how the woman's scarf belied her beauty, the two arranged to meet again as Cassandra left, handing Kyle money for any upcoming meals.

NOVEMBER 9, 2012
(1:03pm) Mobile Support*
At a cafe, watching the world at work, Kyle noticed a blonde woman (Felicity) standing up to selflessly help another woman who studied away at her electronics. The second woman (Raven) had captured Kyle's attention by her elegant wardrobe, tasteful yet eccentric. As a means to reward both women, one based on her humanity and the other for daring to wear such attire, he bought them drinks and served them. In reward, he was berated by one and met with silence by the other. Kyle left with an expressionless apology, wishing them both a good afternoon, as his faith in humanity diminished.

NOVEMBER 10, 2012
(1:11am) Nevermore
Attempting to sketch various places that would answer the question as to where the Lanterns would meet at Starling City, Kyle is interrupted with a certain someone sitting on his windowsill.
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