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 Application, Chloe Sullivan
Chloe Sullivan
 Posted: Aug 16 2014, 08:21 PM
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Playby: Allison Mack
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Codename: [WatchTower]

Real Name: Chloe Sullivan
Age: 28
Birthday: 05/02/1987
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110

Playby Name: Allison Mack

Appearance: [First glance she appears small. A longer look shows she is more sublimed, sexy and toned. Her short locks long grown to medium length. More muscle tone gained now than in her early teens, her eyes a piercing emerald green, her lips full and defined well with her face. Her legs shapely as those of a runner and swimmer, her hips and waistline more of a woman than girl. Wearing skinny jeans, boots and a small cropped white cotton shirt. She had long given up the reporter look.
Her nails are clean, unpolished. Her hands strong and rough on her palms. She feels more comfortable in jeans than in a suit or dress.]

Personality: [Very inquisitive and determined. She lives to help new upcoming Heroes and those who cannot defend themselves. Cocky and outspoken, she is computer savvy and intelligent in getting the information she wishes.
Often over-looked and unappreciated she prefers to stay in the shadows until time she needs to step forward. She loves to work out, keep in shape and is often found kick boxing or swimming. She loves to get into trouble, searching endlessly to find a story that is hidden or the person into no good.
She cannot be controlled or scared into backing down, she would soon die than to let a friend die.]

Abilities: [Kept secret, her own healing abilities return.]

Paraphernalia: [Pen and tablet, hands and feet. Staff.]

Weaknesses: [Love, is her only weakness. Whether it be a friend, work or boyfriend. It is only in this that she can be tricked, hurt or even killed.
She is vulerable with her best friends, she would go to great and even deathifying acts to keep them safe.]

History: [Chloe's parents are Gabe and Moira. Chloe has no siblings but has two cousins: Lucy and Lois Lane. Chloe is very close to her older cousin and the two have often looked after each other.

After four years at Smallville High School, Chloe moved back to Metropolis after graduating in 2005. She had been attending Metropolis University as a journalism major and was also an intern at the Daily Planet. [citation needed] She began writing obituaries and classifieds and answering the 24-hour news hotline, followed by small general-interest and current event articles.[2] She, along with many other staff members, was fired from the Daily Planet by the paper's new owner, Lex Luthor. After Chloe was fired from the Daily Planet, she became manager of the Isis Foundation.

Due to her computer skills, Oliver Queen chose Chloe as a part-time member of his team of superheroes, working as "Watchtower" in a mission coordinator capacity and other digital espionage, until she finally decided to becomes a full-time member. Since then, her career has turned from journalism to more of an oversight position in the superhero community.

After dealing with an infection from Brainiac's programming, a wedding nightmare and a serious trust problem, Chloe and Jimmy were unable to sustain their relationship and they divorced.[3] Chloe also tried to keep Davis Bloome from killing Clark and finally witnessed in horror as Davis and Jimmy killed each other. She was devastated after this and pled with Clark to go back in time and prevent Jimmy's death, since it was both of their faults that he died. Clark flatly refused, driving a wedge between them and severely straining their friendship.

Since she had been emotionally destroyed, the only safe place that she found was the computers of her Watchtower and began to spend more time there than in the real world, keeping her eyes over Metropolis through the monitors and helping the heroes' community. This led her to become a harder person, manipulating people like chess pieces in the name of the greater good.[4]

Because of the time spent together with Oliver, the two started to develop an attraction towards each other and started a relationship "without strings" that ultimately developed real feelings in both of them.[5] Chloe eventually decided that she wanted to be plugged again into the real world and realized that her time as Watchtower was only a facet to escape her loneliness, but Clark persuaded her to continue helping the community saying that she was a real hero like him and Oliver and that what she created will be a legacy for future generations of heroes. (Hostage)

Chloe was desperate to find Oliver after he was abducted, so she turned to the Helmet of Nabu for help. Not only did she see Oliver's location, she also saw much of the future. She later traded herself for Oliver and set up an elaborate fake death so she could disappear and keep her friends safe. Later, she returned to help and successfully save members the Justice League, was asked to be the Maid of Honor for the upcoming marriage of Clark and Lois and got married to Oliver. She moved to Star City to begin a dual life which means, by day, working for the Star City Register, whereas looking for potential heroes at night. ]

Sample Post: [Chloe wasn't sure why Oliver had up and disappeared, the voice-mail he had left her so long ago still saved in her cell. She would listen to it often and think about him, fanning back tears. He had to get away.
She had done the same from Smallville & Metropolis, she could not blame him. It may have been due to everyone's change, her change, hell it could of even been due to the fact that they saved Earth but a whole new level of evil was now here.
At any rate she knew he had too and she understood that need, sometimes you have to say goodbye in order to keep your sanity.
Chloe continued to hunt, she continued to write and she continued alone.
Clark continued on as well, the closeness they had once shared between them lost after Oliver had left. They still called, enlisted each others help when needed, but that brother/sister relation and deep friendship slipped away after Oliver had gone.

Sometimes she felt often as if she was just going through the same motions again and again, if it wasn't a hunt it was a story she was writing for another paper in the States. Once in a while she allowed herself to be contracted for a newspaper that took her to another part of the world.
But she didn't allow it often; she found that being in a foreign land left her with too much time to think about the one person she loved more than anything in this world. She would often either find herself waking in a scream in the dead of night to waking in the middle of a dream that left her hanging on the edge of what promised to be what they shared many times in bed.
On those nights she was left wanting, needing and unable to do anything but cry hard.

Chloe had left the comfort of the States for the foreign soil once more, this had promised her a pay that would keep her hunting for almost a year.
It was the same dream, sometimes different hotels, sometimes the Tower, but it was the same none the less. She woke gasping as always, the feeling of his lips to hers, left her gasping and yearning.
Her body flew up into a sitting position as it always had; instinctively her arms went to her body, holding it tightly as the last ruminates of the dream began to fade, as if she held herself long enough all would be right in the world as it once had. Her breath came hard in gasps, the butterfly feeling in her stomach, the burning in her loins, slowly began to fade it almost made her cry out in horror at the thought she was once again alone.
Her hand went to the other side of the bed as it did many times, hoping, just wishing she would feel his warm body next to her. As ever she felt the coldness and emptiness as she always had.

Her lips quivered slightly as a wretched cry came from her throat, caught between a wounded animal and a sob of misery.
After a few minutes she rose up, she never slept with pajamas unless she was on a hunt.
The sun was just rising, the beams of light showed the glistening of sweat on her skin as she made her way to the bathroom. Her shaking hand reached into the European shower, steam shower they called it, saved on the water usage. She adjusted it to hot and stepped into the enclosure. She shock violently for a moment as the final pain escaped her mind. Began to do her hair and wash her sweat drenched body.
"I m-miss you so much...." Was all her soft lips whispered to the room and she did this without even realizing she was.]

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Nickname: [Chlo]
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