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 Sorry guys, but...
Felicity Smoak (1)
 Posted: Jun 11 2013, 03:50 PM
Group: Members
Playby: Emily Bett Rickards
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Posts: 136
Member No.: 8
Joined: 8-February 13

I'm gonna call it a day. I don't know what it is, but my interest here isn't what it once was. I've been trying to fight it for a while, but my posting has been slowing right down.

The thread with Diggle is pretty much winding up. Felicity's sort of in with Ollie's team now, so she's in a good place for anyone looking to take over, so I think it's about as good a time as any to bow out gracefully. Thanks for the good times, folks and take care of yourselves.

I should add “Personal Internet Researcher for Oliver Queen” to my job title… Happily, I mean.
Cassandra Ricci
 Posted: Jun 15 2013, 12:44 AM
Group: Accepted Member
Playby: Kristin Kreuk
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Posts: 27
Member No.: 56
Joined: 24-April 13

Sorry to see you go but I wish you the absolute best. cool.gif Take care & it doesn't mean you can't drop in the cbox & say "Hi" now & then. smile.gif
Oliver Queen
 Posted: Jun 17 2013, 09:42 PM
Group: Admin
Playby: Stephen Amell
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Posts: 295
Member No.: 1
Joined: 3-February 13

See-ya, Ollie! I'll still chat ya up on AIM; and hope your holiday goes well (unless it's already over, in that case, went)!
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